Paste as Plain Text

Some of my clients write their content in MS Word and once it’s finished copy it over into the WordPress editor, which can result in quite a mess.

Most of them aren’t aware of the “Paste from Word” or “Paste as Plain Text” buttons in the editor toolbar, so I had to force TinyMCE to paste everything as plain text without any tags/formatting.

The code is straight forward and available as a plugin, too.

Coda 2 WordPress Syntax Mode

Having all WordPress functions auto-completed while coding saves me a lot of time. I’m using Coda 2 and the recent release of WordPress 3.6 gave me the final push to tick the “Make a WordPress syntax mode for Coda” off my to-do list.

There are a couple of existing WP syntax modes around, however all of them are either based on an outdated `PHP-HTML.mode`, or aren’t up-to-date with the latest WordPress release, or have invalid function parameters, or none at all.

Initially I wanted to use phpDocumentor to get all function names and their parameters from WP core (and I might still do that in the future), but I stumbled across WPSeek and their API and decided to use their data for the first iteration.

Grab the WordPress syntax mode over at GitHub and let me know what you think!